Yane Di Nicola - Main Photographer


Yane Di Nicola

"I started in 1996 at Photography by Monet in the production department. Six months later I was promoted to an office manager, doing wedding consulting, marketing, and pricing. I started as a black & white photojournalist and eventually became the owner in 2007.

Photography by Money & Associates has been my life for nearly 20 years. My goal is to capture the essence of your special day by using the best lighting, angles and perspective that only comes with the experience and care. I will make your photo shoot the best experience possible.

I have photographed in many Hotels in San Diego, multiples events for organizations such as San Diego Police Officer Association, SPAWAR, and U.S. Navy Command parties (e.g., USS Ronald Reagan, USS Nimitz, USS Essex, USS Makin Island and USS Peleliu). I've worked on location for destination weddings in Hawaii, Los Angeles, and Cabo San Lucas, Monterrey for engagement photos and various parks and beaches for family photos. Let me find a unique location that suits your requirements.

Whatever your setting, I can guarantee focused, positive energy and the willingness to work with you for the perfect photos! Travel is not an issue as your life rarely is without it."

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Ahelya Di Nicola-Main Photographer



Ahelya Di Nicola

"I've been photographing since 1996. I know how to tell a romantic story with a visual artistry and excitement that differs from the ordinary. This is not just my calling, but is essentially my passion.

Whether: coaxing a smile from a baby, assembling a large family reunion group or catching a couple in a loving moment, my desire is to please our clients, and to create a bond with them that enables us to produce portraits that are uniquely theirs alone."

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Mike Menegus - Photographer


Mike Menegus

"My camera and I have been friends since High School.
We have traveled throughout the world and have visited places such as Mexico, Sweden, Caribbean, and Europe.
We have captured beautiful places and people. Witnessed history in the making and being part of historical moments such as Weddings and Life events. I would like to help you capture your historical events."

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Midel Foto - Photographer and Videograph



Midel Foto

"I just love to shoot images in all their forms; video and photography have always been a huge part of my life. I was an Architectural Student with minor in Photography, but once I fell in love on the camera it has taken over. I just want to be part of someone's life as I capture them through the lens."

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